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Answering Questions About Boxelder Swarms

With the arrival of cold weather, boxelder infestations are a common reason why homeowners call for bug extermination services near Crystal Lake. Keep reading to learn the answers to common questions about boxelder swarms.

How do I know if I have a boxelder swarm?

Boxelder bugs are about a half-inch in length and are black and red in color. When resting, these critters appear to have an upside-down “V” on their back. If you see a lot of insects that fit this description in your home, then you may be dealing with a boxelder swarm and should consider contacting a bug exterminator.

Are boxelder swarms dangerous?

Boxelder bugs are a nuisance and not a danger. However, these insects can do quite a bit of damage to your property if a swarm chooses to take shelter in your home. Boxelder bugs leave behind a coating of their excrement where they land, and this coating can stain your walls, curtains, and upholstery.

If these insects keep appearing in your home despite your prevention efforts, then you may benefit from contacting a bug control company.

what attracts boxelder swarms?

Boxelder bugs are quite sensitive to temperature. Once autumn rolls around, swarms of these insects make their way to south-facing exterior walls, where they congregate and sunbathe. As temperatures continue to drop, boxelder bugs will usually try to make their way inside whatever building it is that they chose to sunbathe on. To get into your warm house, these insects will crawl through any suitable gap that they can find.

How can I prevent boxelder swarms from getting in my house?

To help stop boxelder bugs from getting into your home in the first place, you can apply a residual insecticide to the wall where they are sunbathing in the fall, or hire a bug exterminator to do so. More importantly, you should seal up any cracks around your home where these bugs may come in.

For example, fix any holes in vent screens, ensure that your window frames are well-sealed, and install draft stoppers under your exterior doors.

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