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Tips for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home This Season

As the weather gets colder, we all start to spend more time indoors. Mice and rats have the same goal, and they will do what they can to get into our homes. You can prevent problems with rodent control in Crystal Lake by following a few simple steps. Make it difficult for rodents to get into your house by closing off their access points, keep your food covered, and take out the trash as soon as it fills up. Pick up some tips for keeping rodents out by reading ahead.

Close the Gaps

If you don’t want mice or rats running around your house during the fall or winter, it’s your job to make it difficult for them to get inside. Rodents need access points to invade the home, but these entryways can be extremely small. A hole in a window pane or a side door that doesn’t shut all the way will be welcoming to nearby rodents.

Start by fixing your window and replacing your door. Patch up any holes or tears in your screens, and consider adding sweeps to your exterior doors. Fill in any gaps you see around the exterior of your house, especially near your attic or your foundation.

Cover Your Food

Leaving food around just gives rodents even more motivation to try to get inside. Once mice and rats do find access to your food, they can contaminate it. They’ll even contaminate any pet food they come in contact with.

The best way to prevent contamination and keep rodents away from your food entirely is to keep it all covered. Make sure everything in your pantry is sealed, and store your pet food in closable containers to reduce the chances of a mouse control problem.

Take Out the Trash

Just like you should seal your food, you should use a closeable garbage bin and take out the trash regularly. Much of your trash may be food scraps, which are still appealing to rodents. Find a good lid for your garbage can and change the bag before it starts to overflow.

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