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Winter Mouse Proofing 101

When the weather gets cold, rodents and other critters seek out warmth and food, which often leads them to infest people’s homes. To help avoid calling an exterminator in Crystal Lake for mouse control this season, keep reading for a quick guide to winter mouse proofing.

Seal Up Your Home

An essential step when it comes to keeping mice out of your house is to cover up all possible entry points for these little rodents. Few cracks and gaps are too small for mice to make their way through, and they can chew through many materials to widen small spaces enough for them to squeeze through.

For these reasons, you should carefully inspect your home’s exterior and seal up any areas where mice may get in. Some common problem spots include damaged vent screens, spaces around plumbing and HVAC lines, and gaps under doors.

Make Access More Difficult

To further reduce the likelihood that you will need rodent removal this winter, you can take some additional steps to make it more challenging for mice to get into your home. To do this, trim back branches that touch or hang near your roof, trim back overgrown plants, and store woodpiles and other debris well away from your home’s exterior.

Remove Food and Water

Another important thing to do when it comes to proofing your home against a mouse infestation is to remove as many sources of food and water as possible, both indoors and out. For example, any outdoor trashcans should be free of holes and have locking lids. Also, any bird seed or pet food that is kept outside should be stored in airtight containers. The same rule goes for pet food and dry goods that you have indoors.

Finally, repair any plumbing leaks that you have, remove pet bowls when they aren’t in use, clean up food crumbs and spills right away, and place dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Taking steps like these can help you avoid the need for mouse removal this season.

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