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Blog Posts in January, 2016

Rat Identification 101

When rats infiltrate your home, they can cause property damage, contaminate your food, and even spread diseases to you and your family. You should have an exterminator come out right away to inspect ...
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Winter Is Here and Rats May Be Invading Your Home

When it starts to get cold outside, mice, rats, and other rodents begin to look for a warm place to live during the winter season. Not only does it keep them comfortable, but warm places also usually ...
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Diagnosing a Spider Bite

If you have a bite on your body that was not caused by a mosquito or another kind of common insect, you might suspect that you were bitten by a spider. Watch this video to hear more about spider bites ...
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A Look at Some Common Household Spiders

The sight of a spider is too much for some homeowners to take. While flies, bees, mosquitoes, and other insects can all cause a reaction in the average homeowner, there are very few people who like ...
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